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Analysis of Common Faults of Filling Machine

Filling machine common faults handle are as follows:
1.The filling machine capacity
Filling the big standard, the trough filling lack of formation of liquid level is not stable, can increase the feeding volume or re-off the top of the small filling head ball valve, set the filling time from scratch (longer filling time) slow filling Speed ​​to deal with.
2.Adjust the digital dial code or after the unit, the time does not change, then closed power from the first turn on the power supply can;
3.The liquid level of stability, filling volume ban absolute;
There are debris blocking filling channel, mainly in the trough inlet or in the filling mouth, view and clean up clean.
4.Closed after a drip
1, filling mouth damage, remove the filling mouth, dressing orifice, orifice diameter can not be greater than 7.5mm. Repair the aperture in the water grinding paper sanding the orifice plane can be.
2, filling the first inner ball valve damage, need to replace the ball valve.
5.Touch the injection switch does not fill material, the moment the digital indicator LED does not flash:
The feed switch is damaged or loose at the moment the relay base, replace the same type of injection switch or press the relay moment base.
6.Touch the switch after the injection, the moment the relay digital LED indicator flashes, but not filling:
First check whether the pressure or air pressure is not too low, such as pressure to meet the demand (4-6Kg / cm2), solenoid valve coil may be damaged or pneumatic spool stuck stolen goods, to unplug the power, Rotate or press the button next to the corresponding solenoid valve coil, such as the valve can change the action, which indicates that the solenoid valve coil damage, such as can not change, it is stuck valve core can be replaced solenoid valve or split valve Amendment (electrical or pneumatic knowledge of the people who need to be split or view).
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