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Attention for the use and cleaning of the mixer

Bowl cutter knife speed, pot speed, chopping knife and turn the gap to achieve the best combination, so cut the product fineness is fine, heating time short, cutter mixed time is short, especially due to the emulsification treatment, so that the sausage products Density and flexibility greatly enhanced, the greatest degree of improvement of the meat products emulsification effect, flexibility and delicate degree.
Note: When using and cleaning the mixer:

    1, in the vicinity of the mixer can not put other debris, to prevent the high-speed rotation will be strayed into them, resulting in danger.
    2, before the operation of the equipment, must ensure that the work is normal, the lid is covered, otherwise the equipment will run poorly.
    3, If loading occurs when gambling plug not turn into the pot according to the material with the hand, otherwise you will encounter dangerous rotating knife. If the turn pot motor is obviously overloaded, it is recommended to use a low speed and lower blade speed.
4, to keep the chopper clean and dry equipment, so as to avoid short circuit lines.
Chopping machine cleaning matters:

chopping machine use cleaning work is an important part. After the end of each job, we should carry out effective cleaning work, usually we use a certain amount of cleaning agent, water use, use the brush or other suitable tools for cleaning, after the initial cleaning, we also use water Secondary cleaning treatment. And clean up the water quality, keep the chopper inside the dry.
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