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The best way to use a vacuum roll kneading machine

Vacuum Tumbler Best Practices Tips:
    1. Rolling machine load: rolling kneading machine in the rotation, if the number of meat within the tube too much, the rotation will be a great impact, uneven mixing. If the barrel of meat is too small, will lead to rolling over, causing meat to be damaged, and the cost of consumption increases. We recommend about 60% of full load capacity, rolling up and down between 5%, depending on the density of the meat.
2. Rolling intermittent time: in the rolling production process, continuous rolling is not necessary. It is usually recommended to roll for 20 minutes and rest between 5-10 minutes.
3. Touching time: The total tumbling time is important for the uniformity and standardization of the product. Once you have adopted a program that can produce a standardized product, the program or roll cycle should remain the same.
4. Temperature control: Some experts believe that in a warmer environment can be better pickled meat color. But from the product shelf life, safety and production rate, it is best to roll at 2-4 ℃. When the product at 8 ℃ or higher temperature rolling, the product of the binding force, the yield will be significantly reduced. We should put the quality first.
5. Vacuum: Vacuum plays an important role in the rolling machine, vacuum can ensure that the brine quickly penetrate into the meat, helps to remove the bubbles in the meat. Because the vacuum to make meat tender so as to achieve a certain degree. The vacuum inside the cylinder usually draws 70% to 80% of an atmospheric pressure. But the vacuum is too high to react, because the moisture in the meat under the high vacuum is drawn out.
    6. Rollover direction: roll kneading machine should be gentle to push, massage, enhance, curl and drop meat to achieve the best results. The equipment common have a reversing function that should be reversed during the last 5 minutes of the kneading cycle before discharging, and the kneading machine is used to clean the meat and protein on the back of the drum fin.

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