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Tumbling machine Uses

Meat performance and advantages:

1. The machine uses high-quality stainless steel, round head roll space big, reasonable design,        running noise.

2. Curved leaves unique design, so that the distribution of marinade evenly on the marinade           does not cause harm, the product of the softness and appearance is improved.

3. Waterproof computer control User set roll kneading machine is automatically forward,                   intermittent, deflated, vacuum. So that the device really achieved automatic breathing                   function.

Product use-the use of rolling kneading machine can get the following results: 

   1, so that pickled liquid in the raw material within the meat evenly absorbed.

   2, enhance the meat of the binding force, improve the flexibility of meat.

   3, to ensure that the products of the slice, to prevent the cut when the broken cracks.

   4, increase water retention, improve production rate.

   5, to improve the product's softness and structural stability

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